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Don't just communicate. Solve problems, and prevent them from recurring.

Structured Communication, Measurable Results

​Over 2000 years ago, Ancient Greeks used wax tablets —  Cera — to communicate in a flexible yet consistent way.  We apply this approach to improve patient outcomes by connecting your team, and making process painless!

Use CeraNote to get the right people involved, when you need them
  • See issues assigned to you, your team, or your organization at a glance

  • Never spend time tracking someone down, with an up-to-date contact directory

  • Instantly connect to any colleague on your phone, wherever you are.

Save your Doctors an hour every day
  • Never wait on hold — your phone rings after the person you need is located.
  • Automatically escalate unresolved issues to Call Center or Supervisors
  • Automate critical notifications, with the option to speak to the Doctor if needed
Improve Client/ED Satisfaction
  • Realtime transparency about the status of every issue
  • Every ticket and call is tracked for compliance and audit
  • Minimize the need for frustrating Help Desk calls
Solve Recurring Problems
  • Send feedback easily with two clicks and no typing
  • Clearly see recurring issues, and which individuals and teams they impact
  • Recognize top performers, and use data to coach underperformers

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Enjoy unlimited users, unlimited tickets, unlimited locations, and unlimited calls.

We know you’ll find CeraNote to be a quantum leap forward in solving problems.

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